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An anarchocapitalist libertarian professor of philosophy emeritus. Author of The Libertarian Idea.


A Critique of Narveson's The Libertarian Idea [More...]
"Despite having given us much food for thought and having described a more pragmatically appealing and credible kind of libertarianism than most radical writers, Narveson's claim to have provided a philosophically rigorous contractarian foundation for libertarianism must be rejected."
For and Against the State: New Philosophical Readings (book)
Liberty, Games and Contracts: Jan Narveson & the Defence of Libertarianism (book)
14 philosophers critique Narveson's justification of libertarianism. Narveson responds at the end.
Mike Huben and Taner Edis criticize Jan Narveson's "The Libertarian Idea".
In 2001, I had an email exchange with Jan Narveson, where I detailed four major failings of his book/philosophy and appended some criticisms by Taner Edis (since I had permission to publish them.)
Once more into the breach of self-ownership: Reply to Narveson and Brenkert [More...]
G. A. Cohen shreds Jan Narveson's arguments about self-ownership, defending his own arguments in Self-Ownership, Freedom, and Equality.
Private Property, Coercion, and the Impossibility of Libertarianism [More...]
Christopher Schimke's Masters thesis criticizing Jan Narveson's libertarianism. It concludes: "even Narvesonian libertarianism endorses pervasive initiations of force against individuals."
The Libertarian Idea (book) (2 links)


I don't like Narveson's "teutonic" approach (of purporting to build up a logically rigorous philosophical structure from fundamentals) because once the author makes a logical error in the exegesis (and every author I've ever read makes many) everything that follows is suspect... a teetering pillar which can too easily become a monument to folly.
Paul Birch, "A Critique of Narveson's The Libertarian Idea"