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Slightly less to greatly less well known. Certainly not needing to be on the main page.


Bleeding Heart Libertarians (19 links)
A sad little circle of academic libertarian propagandists who are attempting to face the principle that if you have more than one liberty, the liberties conflict. The pathetic thing about the BHL's is that libertarianism provides no way to decide those questions except ad-hoc attempts at philosophy. See the Jeffrey Friedman quote below for a characterization that applies to them. They are also fond of deleting contradictory views in the comments of their blog. It came to an end when Jason Brennan got too egocentric.
Walter Block (8 links)
A contrarian who takes the notion that "liberty" should be the primary concern to horrible extremes: he promotes almost every social ill as an exercise in liberty. Child prostitution, etc. you name it. Single value analysis: property is everything with the non-aggression axiom. He also likes to cherry-pick gut feeling intuitions that support his ideology. Criticizes other libertarians for not being pure enough.
David Boaz (6 links)
One of the senior tools of the Kochtopus, who disseminates vulgar libertarianism for the Cato Institute.
Jason Brennan (11 links)
A weak philosophical propagandist who claims to argue from "commonsense moral principles". Is this really any better than Steven Colbert (or Nietzsche) going with his gut? Likes deleting other's comments in Bleeding Heart Libertarians blog, which he is responsible for ending.
William F. Buckley, Jr. (1 link)
A self-professed libertarian and conservative author and TV host who was famous for upholding white supremacy and McCarthyism. Later, he renounced racism, anti-semitism, Ayn Rand and various other conservative themes.
Bryan Caplan (16 links)
Yet another creative, ideological, bomb throwing recipient of right-wing welfare at the Koch-funded George Mason University Economics Department and Mercatus Center. A master of the Gish Gallop, assembling fire-hose sprays of weak academic studies, cherry-picked information, bad argument and other propaganda.
Pam Geller (2 links)
A racist serial liar, fanatically hateful of Muslims, liberals, and other targets of conservatives and libertarians. Claims to be a theistic admirer of Ayn Rand. Calls Obama a muslim because that's the worst thing she can think of.
Robin Hanson (3 links)
Another Koch-financed propagandist at the George Mason University Economics Department and the Mercatus Center.
Robert Heinlein (4 links)
For all he ranted about "loafers" and the welfare state, Heinlein fed from the government trough for his entire life. A great writer of fiction (widely praised) whose wide-ranging political ideas made interesting stories. However, his political ideas were also entirely unrealistic. His idea of solving social problems was for elites to walk away, leaving everybody else with the problem.
Michael Huemer (3 links)
A libertarian professor of philosophy whose books are widely admired in the libertarian echo chamber by those who have already drunk the Kool-Ade. Relies heavily on standard philosophical smoke and mirrors to divorce his arguments from reality.
Penn Jillette (6 links)
A popular libertarian entertainer, with some glib, bullshit explanations of how he is in favor of libertarianism because he is ignorant of what is best for all people and because he wants to reduce violence. A typical wealthy entrepreneur who doesn't understand what ordinary people need, and conveniently overlooks that what he needs from government is violence to protect his fortune and create the environment in which he earns it.
Jo Jorgensen (1 link)
A Libertarian Party insider with no political experience, no web presence before her nomination (according to Google), no salable publications (according to Amazon) and no academic publications (according to her Clemson profile.) A typical ideologue and a nonentity.
Stephen Kershnar (1 link)
A SUNY-Fredonia professor who has written books such as "For Torture: A Rights-Based Defense" and "Gratitude Toward Veterans: Why Americans Should Not Be Very Grateful to Veterans". He has written articles such as: "A liberal argument for slavery", "The moral status of harmless adult-child sex", "Intrinsic Moral Value and Racial Differences" and "For discrimination against women". He self-identifies as an Objectivist. Apparently he's in competition with Walter Block and Robin Hanson to see who can be the most odious scholar.
Steven Landsburg (3 links)
A self-declared libertarian economist whose obliviousness defies belief.
Bjorn Lomborg (1 link)
Author of the pseudoscientific The Skeptical Environmentalist. He has been a darling of corporate lobbyists and front groups. He was long a climate change skeptic, and now merely claims we shouldn't do anything about it.
Greg Mankiw (7 links)
A famous libertarian economist at Harvard. Teaches a notoriously biased inroduction to economics course requiring his own overpriced textbook. His excursions outside economics are hilarious.
Megan McArdle (4 links)
A noisy libertarian blogger and shill for the free market who has written widely for the mainstream media. Infamous for extremely poor arguments.
Patrick Michaels (2 links)
Patrick Michaels is a global warming skeptic who has admitted that 40 per cent of his funding came from the oil industry. He is a director at the Cato Institute.
Stefan Molyneux (6 links)
An anti-democratic libertarian podcaster and cult leader whose comical, self-important screeds are generally considered over the top by most libertarians.
Robert Murphy (5 links)
Robert P. Murphy is another libertarian policy entrepreneur who makes his living selling disinformation and revisionist history. His failed inflation predictions and squirming excuses have made him an object of ridicule among economists.
Charles Murray (6 links)
A Harvard paleoconservative and paleolibertarian professor who is notorious for attempting to put academic veneers on old racist ideas, publishing them as popular books to bypass peer review. His racist work has been thoroughly debunked.
Jan Narveson (8 links)
An anarchocapitalist libertarian professor of philosophy emeritus. Author of The Libertarian Idea.
Eric Raymond (1 link)
A famous open source software author and advocate. Also a total rightwing libertarian loon on just about any other subject.
Lew Rockwell (8 links)
A libertarian writer, activist, and founder and former president of the Ludwig von Mises Institute. He considers the Kochtopus the arch-nemesis of True Libertarianism by Rockwell, so his site runs a lot of criticism of the Kochs. An associate of Murray Rothbard.
Mary Ruwart (6 links)
A former Libertarian Party presidential candidate, author of several Polyanna-ish books. A long-time employee of The Drug Industry, she shills for lighter FDA regulation and elimination of the Food and Drug Administration.
Michael Shermer (2 links)
Michael Shermer is prominent in the traditional (non-denialist) skeptical movement, and has written a great deal of good criticism of religion and pseudosciences. He has also written some amazing libertarian twaddle about capitalism.
Julian Simon (2 links)
The foremost "cornucopian", someone who posits that there are few intractable natural limits to growth and believes the world can provide a practically limitless abundance of natural resources. An anti-environmentalist denialist of global warming, lead pollution, asbestos, and other contamination.
L. Neil Smith (2 links)
A libertarian gunloon SF writer whose only awards seem to have been the Prometheus Award, which he himself established. Sounds like Rand Paul's self-certification. Makes all sorts of wild claims.
John Stossel (4 links)
A free-market evangelist notorious for distorting and misrepresenting the facts. He bashes unions, science, government with a one-sided, pro-business bias. He has been a staunch defender of the tobacco industry: poetic justice that he has contracted lung cancer.
Peter Thiel (8 links)
A libertarian Silicon Valley venture capitalist and PayPal co-founder. He considers non-wealthy people to be losers, and thus undeserving of having their problems and interests addressed. He needs to be re-educated in the rice fields.
Thomas Sowell (8 links)
A token black neoliberal propagandist with The Hoover Institution for the past 40 years. While he does have a legitimate PhD from U. of Chicago, he has not written any peer-reviewed research articles in those 40 years. Instead, he churns out Economics 101 propaganda opposing liberal policies. It sure pays well to be an Uncle Ruckus.
Ross Ulbricht aka Dread Pirate Roberts and Silk Road (1 link)
Eagle Scout become libertarian become bitcoin drug dealer become buyer of murder. An example of how Bitcoin can not guarantee anonymity. As "Dread Pirate Roberts", he created the Silk Road unregulated market for drugs and other black market deals.
Will Wilkinson (5 links)
A shill for the interests of the wealthy, who has been employed by the Institute For Humane Studies, the Mercatus Center, and the Cato Institute -- all parts of the Kochtopus. Moved to the Niskanen Center.
Walter Williams (1 link)
Another token black neoliberal propagandist, this time in the Koch-funded George Mason University Economics Department. A "conservative" syndicated columnist, who promotes libertarian ideology.
Thomas Woods (1 link)
A founding whackaloon of the secessionist League of the South and senior fellow of the Ludwig von Mises Institute. He specializes in revisionist history and popularizing Austrian Economics.


In editing a journal that has received manuscripts from virtually every libertarian scholar, famous and unknown alike, I have long been struck by the consistent juxtaposition of what another observer delicately calls the “intermingling of positive statements and normative pleadings”: the coincidence of libertarian philosophical sentiments with weak empirical research, leaps of logic, and contempt for nonlibertarian points of view (of which the authors usually appear ignorant). The polemical tone and deficient evidence, however, and the tarnishing of often-good ideas by doctrinaire rhetoric and low scholarly standards, are only the least of it. The worst thing is not the waste of effort that goes into producing propaganda barely veiled by the robes of scholarship. The greater tragedy is what libertarians could produce, but do not.
Jeffrey Friedman, "What's Wrong With Libertarianism"
There are just a lot of people out there exerting significant influence over the political debate who are totally unqualified. The dilemma is especially acute in the political economic field, where wealthy right-wingers have pumped so much money to subsidize the field of pro-rich people polemics that the demand for competent defenders of letting rich people keep as much of their money as possible vastly outstrips the supply. Hence the intellectual marketplace for arguments that we should tax rich people less is glutted with hackery.
Jonathan Chait, "Why I’m So Mean"