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A libertarian writer, activist, and founder and former president of the Ludwig von Mises Institute. He considers the Kochtopus the arch-nemesis of True Libertarianism by Rockwell, so his site runs a lot of criticism of the Kochs. An associate of Murray Rothbard.


Hard to Handle [More...]
"To paraphrase a line once used about Malcolm X and the 50s and 60s era Nation Islam, Ron Paul may not like white nationalism, but white nationalism sure likes Ron Paul."
How Did We Get Here? Or, Why Do 20 Year Old Newsletters Matter So Damn Much? [More...]
Steve Horwitz denounces the paleolibertarian strategy of Ron Paul, Lew Rockwell and Murray Rothbard. "What the media has in their hands is only the tip of the iceberg of the really unsavory garbage that the paleo turn produced back then."
It's Safe Streets Versus Urban Terror : In the '50s, rampant crime didn't exist because offenders feared what the police would do. [More...]
Here's what he praises: "No matter the vagaries of the court system, a mugger or rapist knew he faced a trouncing -- proportionate to the offense and the offender -- in the back of the paddy wagon, and maybe even a repeat performance at the station house. As a result, criminals were terrified of the cops, and our streets were safe." That's liberty?
Legalize Drunk Driving [More...]
Based on the ridiculous assertions: "Now, the immediate response goes this way: drunk driving has to be illegal because the probability of causing an accident rises dramatically when you drink. The answer is just as simple: government in a free society should not deal in probabilities." And why not? The private sector is allowed to.
Lew Rockwell (RationalWiki) [More...]
"Despite the fact that he consistently makes clear his opinions on the topic, no one yet has had the audacity to call him a white supremacist and let him know his so-called praxeology for fixing the economy is basically fascism with bad bow ties instead of jackboots."
Libertarians have more in common with the alt-right than they want you to think [More...]
"Historically, prominent libertarian thinkers have made the decision to cultivate ties with the nationalist far right, and have viewed racial demagoguery both as an efficacious political tool and an intellectually defensible position. The libertarian-to-fascist pipeline may have been forged partially by coincidence, but it was also crafted and maintained."
Paleolibertarianism (13 links)
A strategy of old-time racist conservatism combined with libertarian mummery and Historical Revisionism. Adherents include(d) Murray Rothbard, Lew Rockwell, Ron Paul, Charles Murray, the Ludwig von Mises Institute, and now perhaps Donald Trump.
Where did Donald Trump get his racialized rhetoric? From libertarians. [More...]
A brief overview of the history of nakedly racist Rothbardian paleolibertarianism and and his fellow travellers. These ideas have been adopted wholesale by Donald Trump.


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