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In the United States, this word was stolen from the left-wing anarchists, and its meaning changed to the current right-wing sense. See also: Libertarianism (disambiguation).

Libertarian metaphysics considers the issues of free will versus determinism.

I've seen (in Wikipedia?) that Rose Wilder Lane or Isabelle Paterson was the first to use the term libertarian for this rightest meaning.

Here is a suggestion: Let those of us who love liberty trade-mark and reserve for our own use the good and honorable word “libertarian.” Dean Russell, Who Is A Libertarian?

The propaganda sense of libertarian and libertarianism is now the dominant usage in the USA (unlike the rest of the world.) This web site will not waste effort attempting to change that usage.


150 years of Libertarian [More...]
Libertarian was a term created by nineteenth-century European anarchists, not by contemporary American right-wing proprietarians. It has also been used by philosophers about free will for 200 years.
Murray Rothbard confesses to the theft of the word libertarian. [More...]
Murray Rothbard in "The Betrayal of the American Right".


Well what’s called libertarian in the United States, which is a special U. S. phenomenon, it doesn’t really exist anywhere else -- a little bit in England -- permits a very high level of authority and domination but in the hands of private power: so private power should be unleashed to do whatever it likes. The assumption is that by some kind of magic, concentrated private power will lead to a more free and just society. [...] that kind of libertarianism, in my view, in the current world, is just a call for some of the worst kinds of tyranny, namely unaccountable private tyranny.
Noam Chomsky, "The Kind of Anarchism I Believe in, and What's Wrong with Libertarians"
"Libertarian"... was coined in opposition to the sexism of Proudhon, to note the illogicality of attacking the hierarchies of property and State while defending that within the home.
Iain McKay, "What it means to be libertarian (Anarchist)"