Libertarian Dismissals of Arguments

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Government Doesn't Produce Anything<ref>Carl S. Milsted, Jr, The Limits of the Libertarian Vision</ref>
Nonsense! Governments produce law and order. These are incredibly valuable services. And the more wealth you have, the more valuable these services become.
Government Isn't the Solution, Government Is the Problem
Regulatory agencies are routinely captured and thus can't solve problems.<ref>Will Wilkinson Says That the Executive of the Modern State Is But a Committee for Managing the Affairs of the Ruling Class..., comment by Robert Waldmann.</ref>
Just privitise and wait for the optimum arrangement to emerge.
With a whole world of examples, why isn't this obvious? Could it be perhaps that market equilibria are not social optima? Sheesh.
Open-Ended Fallacy
A Thomas Sowell coinage for presuming more resources can solve a problem.
Socialism has been a failure.
Often, including Milton Friedman. If we are taking about failure as losing competition with capitalism, then the results are obviously mixed. Socialism clearly wins in creating infrastructure, defense, and other "hard problems". No nation is stupid enough to overlook socialistic success, and all first world nations (the most successful by some measures) are mixed economies with both capitalistic and socialistic production.
If you do not agree with me, then obviously you do not understand or you are evil.
A common ploy of Objectivism and Austrian Economics, also used in many other ideologies and religions. A good response is use the same technique back at them: if they don't agree with Keynesianism, then they either doesn't understand it or are evil. Or try liberalism or communitarianism, or socialism, etc.