Libertarian Ideas the Public Rejects Strongly

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Many fundamental ideas of libertarianism, such as greatly reducing or eliminating government, are vey strongly rejected by the public.


Decreasing the size of the state is very unpopular [More...]
More than 90% of Britons think taxation should stay the same or increase. High support for most government functions.
Privatisation is deeply unpopular with voters. Here's how to end it [More...]
"It is striking that, given the near-universal political consensus in favour of neoliberalism, and particularly privatisation, that the public has never embraced this idea. Indeed, far from becoming accustomed to privatisation, voters have become more resolutely hostile, as numerous Australian governments have found to their cost."
The Chapo Guide to Revolution ridicules libertarianism.
Starting with a comparison to the recruiting methods of Scientology. Then they justly slam the ridiculous excesses of Murray Rothbard and Hans-Hermann Hoppe


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