Libertarianism: A Luxury for Citizens of Developed Countries

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"As far as I can tell, libertarian movements only form in societies which have already developed a national infrastructure; the existing government has already levied taxes on the population in order to build a system of roads and bridges, and public services."


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If libertarians were simply to move to small-government societies, they would have to pay for the creation of their own infrastructure (ex. private roads and railroads), and would not be able to utilize the already finished, publically-funded, infrastructure of the developed countries. In this, the libertarians are trying to have things both ways -- they want to keep the infrastructure that was created by the “oppressive big-government taxation” on which to base their new libertarian paradise.
Josh Sager, "Libertarianism: A Luxury for Citizens of Developed CountriesLibertarianism: A Luxury for Citizens of Developed Countries"