Libertarianism vs. Radical Capitalism

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Another Objectivist criticism of libertarianism, based on removing the hand-waving premise one level deeper in the "philosophy". For example, we can't sense rights, but somehow we are able to sense claims that "each individual is an end in himself, not a means to the ends of others" are facts of reality instead of mere desires. Some excellent zingers, though they can be used against objectivism as well.


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The essential unifying idea in this core of libertarian ideology is that the existence of rights and the propriety of liberty are either obvious, or matters of faith, or sufficiently explained by the word “natural”; accordingly, deeper moral or philosophic arguments in support of them are unnecessary. Why provide philosophic arguments for that which people can know by just opening their eyes, or closing their eyes, or waving their hands and saying “natural”? The fact is that people do not and cannot know anything about the nature of rights or the propriety of liberty by such means.
Craig Biddle, "Libertarianism vs. Radical CapitalismLibertarianism vs. Radical Capitalism"
The only self-evident fact about rights is that rights are not self-evident.
Craig Biddle, "Libertarianism vs. Radical CapitalismLibertarianism vs. Radical Capitalism"