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Notable libertarians.


Non-Libertarians Supposedly Supporting Libertarian Viewpoints (10 links)
Many economists and historical figures are claimed to be supportive of libertarianism or "protolibertarians". US founding fathers, various economists, J. S. Mill, etc. Often they are mischaracterized as "Classical Liberals" to confuse the issue. Many were just early liberals or feminists.
Peter Boettke (3 links)
A Koch-financed Austrian School propagandist at the George Mason University Economics Department and the Mercatus Center.
Tyler Cowen (17 links)
A professional, second-generation libertarian selected by the Kochs as head of the George Mason University Economics Department.
Richard Epstein (6 links)
A law-and-economics, laissez-faire, University of Chicago professor who views the world through the peephole of property rights. Neoliberal propaganda.
David Friedman (9 links)
Son of Milton Friedman, and perhaps the foremost anarchocapitalist.
Milton Friedman (40 links)
Nobel prizewinner (economics), and one of the foremost propagandists for capitalism. Married to Rose Friedman, son David Friedman. One of his major propaganda strategems was to encourage confusion of Free Market Theory with unregulated markets, referring to both as "free market"
Friedrich von Hayek (45 links)
Nobel prizewinning (economics) student of Ludwig von Mises, and a major propagandist for libertarianism.
Hans-Hermann Hoppe (14 links)
One of the more bizarre Austrian philosophers. A hypocrite for working as a state professor and for accepting ACLU defense of his professional freedom of speech. "There can be no tolerance toward democrats and communists in a libertarian social order. They will have to be physically separated and removed from society."
Charles and David Koch (40 links)
Libertarian billionaires who have founded and funded a vast array of libertarian and conservative organizations aimed at Obstructing Regulation And Regulatory Capture. Go to Kochtopus.
Ludwig von Mises (26 links)
Austrian economist, mentor of Friedrich von Hayek, and a major right-wing economic crank. Father of Praxeology.
Robert Nozick (20 links)
The foremost libertarian philosopher, who gave up on it a few years later.
Rand Paul (15 links)
A libertarian (and Tea Party) Republican Senator, son of Ron Paul. He was burnt when he gave his real feelings on the Civil Rights Act, and now is attempting to be a normal slimy politician. AKA: "Senator Aqua Buddha".
Ron Paul (24 links)
A libertarian congressman (and perennial long-shot presidential candidate) renowned for kooky racist, isolationist, goldbug and Austrian beliefs. Not to mention conservative civil and reproductive rights ideas 50 years out of date. Father of senator Rand Paul. AKA: "Crazy Uncle Liberty".
Ayn Rand (40 links)
Anybody who thinks Rand is a great author or a great philosopher can be immediately discounted. She was the Horatio Alger of her era. See also Objectivism, her cult philosophy.
Murray Rothbard (38 links)
A leading Austrian economist, student of Ludwig von Mises. A very scholarly and prolific crank author who takes Austrianism to its logically absurd ends.
Less Prominant Libertarians.... (30 links)
Slightly less to greatly less well known. Certainly not needing to be on the main page.


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