Libertarians Misunderstand Freedom

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Libertarians use freedom as a glittering generality of propaganda. A freedom consists of an ability to do something without a human or natural obstacle. Libertarians redefine freedom as being unobstructed by humans. Either definition of freedom prohibits obstructions by humans. If a freedom is enforced, it is a right (otherwise it is merely a claim) and the prohibition of human obstruction is an enforced involuntary duty. Every enforced freedom creates these unfreedoms. A capability is a freedom where the ability is also a right: there is an enforced involuntary duty to enable in addition to the duty not to obstruct.


Private Property Is Not The Only Liberty (3 links)
Many libertarians root all rights and freedoms in self-ownership and other property rights. The few who recognize other rights consider them trumped by even the slightest association with property. Property uber alles!
What they really care about [More...]
[...] what they really care about is low taxes, unfettered capitalism and private property. (Also too, guns.) The rest is apparently just window dressing so they don't look like mirthless, right wing drudges. [...] they won't grant that half the population even owns their own bodies or is free to control their own procreation.


Libertarian idea of freedom: Be born with nothing. In order to survive, work in whatever way the property owners command. Die with nothing.
Corey Mohler, "Existential Comics on Twitter"