Liberty (propaganda)

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There is no such thing as "liberty", where everybody is free to do whatever they want. Some people have liberties to do some things. Other people have illiberties, are prohibited from doing other things.

So when a libertarian says he wants liberty, you have to ask "liberty for whom to do what?" We already have an existing state of liberty, a set of things various people are free or not free to do. Libertarians want a different set, that we could call libertarian liberty or lliberty for short (pronounced, as llama is in Spanish, "yiberty")

Libertarians do not want to maximize liberty: they are quite willing to take away liberty when their morals are offended. "The Policeman's Lot In Not A Happy One" is a famous comic G&S song ridiculing this problem.

Equal liberty for all doesn't clarify their objective either. We could all be free or all be slaves, and still have equal liberty.

The objective of libertarian liberty is to take power from public institutions and put it in the hands of private property owners. This merely changes who has liberty, removing the liberty to decide public policy from voters and giving it to the rich.