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Llewellyn Rockwell's shrine to Ludwig von Mises. A minor competiitor and rival to the Cato Institute, with a separate source of funding. Specializing in comically extreme Austrian Economics and support for the neo-Confederate Lost Cause movement.


Confederacy (9 links)
Many libertarians buy into the old Confederacy, States Rights, "slavery was beneficial" and other "lost cause" mythology. There is a substantial cockeyed revisionist literature on this subject, making Abraham Lincoln an enemy of freedom, claiming slavery was a beneficial institution and arguing for State's Rights.
For Mises' Sake [More...]
Tom G. Palmer savages Llewellyn Rockwell, the Ludwig von Mises Institute and Hans-Hermann Hoppe for Austrianism above and beyond the call of sanity.
Ludwig von Mises Institute (RationalWiki) [More...]
"With its zealous defense of everything free market, the von Mises Institute frequently lapses into bouts of self parody."
Mises on Mixed Economies and Socialism: He is Incoherent [More...]
"On this subject, Mises was an ignorant and muddle-headed idiot, and it is not surprising that after 1945 he was ignored by serious economists."
Nullification, Neo-Confederates, and the Revenge of the old Right [More...]
"Behind the recent surge of nullification bills in state legislatures there is an ongoing battle for the soul of the GOP—and the future of the union itself. The nullification movement’s ideology is rooted in reverence for states’ rights and a theocratic and neo-Confederate interpretation of U.S. history. And Ron Paul, who is often portrayed as a libertarian, is the engine behind the movement."
Paleolibertarianism (12 links)
A strategy of old-time racist conservatism combined with libertarian mummery and Historical Revisionism. Adherents include(d) Murray Rothbard, Lew Rockwell, Ron Paul, Charles Murray, the Ludwig von Mises Institute, and now perhaps Donald Trump.
Theocratic Libertarianism: Quotes from Gary North, Ludwig von Mises Institute Scholar [More...]
"North's writing explains the theocratic libertarianism of Christian Reconstructionism, a Dominionist movement which would dramatically reduce the federal government and control society through enforcement of biblical law at the local and state levels." That's liberty fer sure!
Thomas Woods (1 link)
A founding whackaloon of the secessionist League of the South and senior fellow of the Ludwig von Mises Institute. He specializes in revisionist history and popularizing Austrian Economics.


Hoppe's scholarship is so pitiful that one of his own colleagues -- who is still involved in the Mises Institute -- once remarked to me that Hoppe's book on ethics was a truly remarkable achievement; it was the only book he had ever read in which every step of the argument was a logical fallacy.
Tom G. Palmer, "For Mises' Sake"
The market economy or capitalism, as it is usually called, and the socialist economy preclude one another. There is no mixture of the two systems possible or thinkable; there is no such thing as a mixed economy, a system that would be in part capitalistic and in part socialist.
Ludwig von Mises, "Human Action" p. 259