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Still relevant, though capitalists want you to think it is dead. Not political communism: an alternative philosophical viewpoint for examining social and political issues that bypasses nonsensical Natural Rights and some of the blinkered absurdities of methodological individualism.


What about Marx? [More...]
Daniel Little examines a number of key theoretical frameworks that Marx advocated that still successfully challenge economic liberalism or capitalism. "Power, exploitation, class, structures of production and distribution, property relations, workplace hierarchy -- these features certainly continue to be an important part of our social world." He concludes that there is much still of value, if you avoid the dogmatism of earlier Marxists.
Governments, Markets and Class (and Libertarians) [More...]
Class analysis is a far superior tool for analysis than the libertarian false dichotomy between government and market.
Mad Marx: The Class Warrior [More...]
A good take on Mad Max, also featuring Rand and Hayek. The only big errors are that Rand wasn't smoking and Rand was much fatter.
Understanding Karl Marx [More...]
Brad DeLong's simple, clear overview of Karl Marx. He points out what has been historically falsified, and what is still of value. He also provides explanations of where Marx was coming from, where his mistakes originated, and why.


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