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A noisy libertarian blogger and shill for the free market who has written widely for the mainstream media. Infamous for extremely poor arguments.


Anti-Government Ideologue Megan McArdle's Amnesia About Her Privileged, Govt.-Funded Upbringing [More...]
"Megan McArdle is just a second-generation product of the sleazy NYC construction business, which has been using public money for private gain since the Tammany Hall era." Megan and her husband live in the "deeply hypocritical world of free-market shills who make their money playing the murky world where big government and big business overlap."
If fireproofing is a waste for the poor, it is also a waste for the rich [More...]
Matt Bruenig rips Megan McArdle a new one over a grotesque article about how fire regulations are dangerous.
Megan McArdle: A Covert Republican Party Activist Trained By the Billionaire Koch Brothers [More...]
Megan McArdle is held up as an example of how right-wing welfare for conservative shills works.
You Prevent Private Coercion With Labor Market Regulation [More...]
Megan McArdle calls a firing "private coercion." Matt Bruenig replies: "The legal framework that provides safeguards to protect individuals from private coercion is called labor and employment law. "


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