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Simple, the government does not force anyone to join a labor union. The requirement for labor union membership in order to work at an employer is a requirement negotiated between the employer and a labor union. Government jobs that have this negotiated requirement are just the same as private industry jobs. Point out to the Libertarian that the contract must he honored and how UN-Libertarian they are by demanding that it not be. Quote the Libertarian Party Platform on the right to associate or not associate and remark that this applies to the employers right to not associate with non-union workers. Then call the Libertarian and UN-Libertarian thinker.

"Lloyd Miller" <lloyd@a-albionic.com> wrote:

   Real, existing Labor Unions are not free associations.  They are based
   on government privileges passed in the 1930's and formalized via the
   National Labor Relations Board...  Of course, truly voluntary labor
   unions would be ok according to libertarianism.

Neither are corporations free associations. They too are based on government privileges, originally based on state charters, and later greatly expanded by the federal government. If the LP is silent about government sponsorship of unions for fear of offending workers, imagine how much more they must fear offending corporations.

Corporate law enforces a complicated relationship between the Corporation, Shareholders, Directors, Managers (and other Employees), and external Transactors (such as suppliers and customers.) External transactors MUST operate through the CORPORATION. They cannot legally operate through the component agents of the corporation. The same is true of UNIONS. Employers MUST negotiate through the unions, not through the individual members. There is no difference in the legal special privilege: in either case, you are required to operate through the organization, not the individual.

countervailing power: a Galbraith idea in: American Capitalism: The Concept of Countervailing Power unions, minimum wage, and other practices to make markets less callous and better serve the needs of the majority

Corporations are every bit as much government constructs as unions. It's obvious CATO is a corporatist shill, otherwise it would be denouncing corporations as vehemently as it denounces unions.

"Studies of unionization provide evidence that, on the whole, unionized companies have higher labor productivity than non-unionized companies (except, of course, when the union is on strike!) This is a surprising result, and there has been some controversy about how to explain it. One possible explanation is that the higher productivity comes from the productivity effect of better wages (and working conditions) the unions were able to obtain. The productivity effect does not seem to increase profits in this case, however. Apparently the increase in productivity is just about balanced out by the increase in wages." http://william-king.www.drexel.edu/top/prin/txt/factors/crits5.html McCain on unions and salaries and productivity.

       What this means is that from a macroeconomic perspective, unions are
       quite beneficial, and worth promoting to increase the productivity of