Nolan Chart And World's Smallest Political Quiz

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Propaganda tools used for outreach by The Advocates for Self-Government and others. A pretend political science classification that looks only at two bogus conceptions of "liberty".


2013 American Values Survey: In Search of Libertarians in America [More...]
Americans are about equally libertarian and communalist, about 7% each. Quite different than the Nolan Chart would leave you to believe. And surprise! Most are young, while males who favor legalizing marijuana, but oppose same-sex marriage.
XKCD: Nolan Chart [More...]
A more realistic diagram.


People seem to be faintly drawn to the idea that there might be more political dimensions than just "left" and "right". Bullshit. Being in favour of allowing other people to take drugs, shag each other or read what they want isn't a political position; it's what we call "manners", "civilisation" or "humanity", depending on the calibre of yokel you're trying to educate. The political question of interest splits fair and square down a Left/Right axis: either you think that it is more important to provide a decent life for everyone in the world, or you think it is more important to preserve the rights of people who own property. You can hum and haw as much as you like about whether the two are necessarily incompatible, or whether the one is instrumental to the other, or what constitutes a "decent life" anyway, but when you've finished humming and hawing, I'm still gonna be asking you the question, and your answer to it will determine whether or not we're gonna have an argument.
Daniel Davies,, December 31, 2002