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Libertarian organizations, most of which are either elite or astroturf.


ALEC (7 links)
The American Legislative Exchange Council, founded, led, and funded in part by the Koch brothers, is leading the class war by corporatists and plutocrats to disenfranchise ordinary people. ALEC opposes unions, voting rights, regulation, environmental law and other democratic countervailing power. ALEC relies on corrupt direct access to legislators, handing them already-written bills.
Cato Institute (18 links)
A "libertarian" quasi-academic think-tank which acts as a mouthpiece for the globalism, corporatism, and neoliberalism of its corporate and conservative funders.
Federalist Society (1 link)
A large, well-funded, conservative and libertarian intellectual network attempting to mold legislation and judicial practice in the United States by promoting conservative and libertarian viewpoints through all levels of the legal community. Members include Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court John Roberts. An influential part of the Kochtopus.
George Mason University Economics Department (9 links)
A Koch-financed libertarian department of an otherwise publicly financed university. As of 2012, the Kochs had donated at least $33,000,000 to George Mason University. Essentially the entire department is also employed by the Mercatus Center, providing more Koch influence.
Kochtopus (56 links)
An umbrella term for a huge number of organizations and publications founded, funded, or controlled by Charles and David Koch over roughly 40 years. It includes most of the libertarian organizations and publications you've heard of: the Libertarian Party, the Cato Institute, Reason Magazine, State Policy Network, etc. and many major conservative organizations such as ALEC.
Libertarian Party (12 links)
An experiment in herding cats. The paradox of the Libertarian Party is that they think that market decisions are correct, but the market firmly rejects them.
Ludwig von Mises Institute (8 links)
Llewellyn Rockwell's shrine to Ludwig von Mises. A minor competiitor and rival to the Cato Institute, with a separate source of funding. Specializing in comically extreme Austrian Economics and support for the neo-Confederate Lost Cause movement.
Mercatus Center (13 links)
A Koch-financed libertarian think-tank associated with the Koch-financed George Mason University Economics Department. As of 2012, it has received more than $14,000,000 from the Kochs.
Mont Pelerin Society (3 links)
An international organization founded by Friedrich von Hayek to promote neoliberalism. Where the Koch brothers found their kindred spirits. One of the many vast, right-wing Conspiracies.
Niskanen Center (2 links)
A "liberaltarian" organization that is attempting to make nicey-nice with liberals to secure key libertarian goals without being too obviously obnoxious. Still tied into the Kochtopus through its board and funding. Cannot be believed or trusted.
Reason Magazine (9 links)
A Koch-funded propaganda mill that produces prolefeed for true believers. The most ironically named magazine in existence; it would be better titled "Confirmation Bias".
Tea Party (15 links)
The Koch Brothers have pivoted to use their libertarian-developed propaganda [and substantial funding] in an attempt to manipulate the Republican Party.
Think Tank Watch [More...]
Documents some of the global free-market think tank movement. Excellent links to resources.
Think-Tanks In General (4 links)
A very few think-tanks are non-ideological and attempt to solve problems. The vast majority are ideological propaganda organs that spew the bullshit their donors pay for.


Right-wingers often express contempt bordering on seething hatred for silly liberal things that wouldn’t exist without government subsidies, like “Mime troops” and “accordion festivals” and “public libraries.” If the nation’s finest mime troupe can’t survive on ticket sales alone, who needs it! But relying on the kindness (and tax-deductible charitable donations) of the super-wealthy, on the other hand, is just how things are done, and always have been done, in much of political media and conservative academia. (The National Review, for example, cannot survive on advertising dollars or subscription fees alone, which is why each year it begs people to send checks, like common hobos.)
Alex Pareene, "Right-wing billionaires purchasing own professors"
Those of you who don’t want to flatter self-regarding billionaires for a living are advised to reconsider, because that’s the only job that will always be hiring in Tea Party America.
Alex Pareene, "Right-wing billionaires purchasing own professors"