Peter Boettke

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A Koch-financed Austrian School propagandist at the George Mason University Economics Department and the Mercatus Center.


A Review of Boettke’s Living Economics [More...]
To the average economist or economics student, Boettke seems to be sending mixed signals from the outset. Are we supposed to be “living economics” or policing ourselves for any traces of Keynesianism—or “mainstream economics”, or “market failure”, etc.? ... a window into the way economics is done at George Mason University....
If Science Was Bought and Sold Would It Be a Bad Thing for Science? [More...]
"So is science bought and sold? --- I sure hope so!" This from an Austrian economist whose department is funded by the same plutocrats (Charles and David Koch) who fund Global Warming denialism. Making science into another market is corrupt.
Nice Publicity: WSJ Profiles Free-Market Economist, Fails to Note His Koch Brothers Tie [More...]
Alain Sherter points out that the WSJ's article on Peter Boettke fails to mention Mercatus and the Koch brothers.


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