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A libertarian Silicon Valley venture capitalist and PayPal co-founder. He considers non-wealthy people to be losers, and thus undeserving of having their problems and interests addressed. He needs to be re-educated in the rice fields.


Billionaire's Failed Education Experiment Proves There's No Shortcut To Success [More...]
"Three years is a long time in the technology world, and there should have been several notable successes from the batches of 20–24 students that the Thiel Foundation admitted. If Thiel had delivered what he promised, these startups should have all been in the category of “world-changing”—and vast majority should still exist."
Palantir Knows Everything About You [More...]
"An intelligence platform designed for the global War on Terror was weaponized against ordinary Americans at home."
Peter Thiel on the Virtues of Monopoly [More...]
"Fair enough, Thiel. But what about consumers? That model we learned shows us that they’re worse off under monopoly. And what about the deadweight loss triangle–don’t forget about that ugly thing! "
The 6 Strangest Libertarian Ideas [More...]
Actually, seven of modern libertarianism’s strangest and most extreme notions from Murray Rothbard, Nick Gillespie, Rand Paul, Ron Paul, Ayn Rand, and Peter Thiel.
The Libertarian Logic of Peter Thiel [More...]
"Under this theory of benevolent monopolies, government regulations and laws are unnecessary. Taxes are in effect replaced by monopoly profits—everyone pays their share to Google, Facebook, Amazon, PayPal. And in contrast to the government, these profits are allocated intelligently into research and services by brilliant, incorruptible tech leaders instead of being squandered by foolish, charismatic politicians."
The Myth of the Libertarian Internet [More...]
Matt Yglesias ridicules Peter Thiel for the foolishness of standard libertarian ideological analysis.
What libertarianism has become and will become — State Capacity Libertarianism [More...]
Tyler Cowen denounces older libertarianisms in favor of his State Capacity Libertarianism, a renaming of the big government servicing business that we've always had. In the age of Trump, he swings his libertarian propaganda efforts towards crony capitalism. He also gets in a few digs at liberaltarianism.
Why celebrity “genius” Peter Thiel is grossly overrated [More...]
Scathing. "You have to give Thiel credit for pushing the intellectual envelope. I don’t know of anybody else who argues that lady suffragettes of the Model T Ford era doomed democratic capitalism to be replaced by totalitarian collectivism."


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