Predictions That Never Come True

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Medicare will cause the end of freedom! We're on the road to serfdom! The market will end discrimination! Regulation will bankrupt business! Libertarians are loaded with predictions and promises that will never come true, and ignore all the historical evidence they won't come true.


Derp (3 links)
A determined belief in some doctrine that is completely unmovable by evidence.
Did Austrians Never Predict Hyperinflation?
Mark Faber, Peter Schiff, Doug French and Gary North have all predicted hyperinflation since the Great Recession. "The idea that Austrians never predicted hyperinflation in any sense is outrageous, mendacious and contemptible rewriting of history."
Economics in One Lesson (book, online) (3 links)
(1946) Henry Hazlitt's Austrian-style anti-progressivism reactionary rant. Peddled as an introduction to economics, because anyone with some knowledge of economics would laugh at it. 65 year old "the world is coming to an end tomorrow" doomsaying. And I'll never understand how he makes out 175+ pages in 24 chapters as "one lesson". Read the rebuttal, Economics in Two Lessons: Why Markets Work So Well, and Why They Can Fail So Badly.
Frank Chodorov: Scrappy Libertarian, Crappy Oracle [More...]
An early libertarian exemplifies bad libertarian forms of argument that are continued today
Markets do it better and cheaper than government. Not. (1 link)
A common propaganda claim from Milton Friedman. Patently untrue for a number of market failures. An additional problem is that the products would be different, sometimes in undesirable ways, because markets have no incentive to create positive externalities
Massive Open Online Courses (3 links)
MOOCs are the latest technotarian educational fad. They are hyped by libertarians such as Tyler Cowen as the great disruptive game changers for higher education. They are proving massively unsuccessful, with completion rates of less than 10%.
The "No True Libertarianism" fallacy [More...] (1 link)
This is a variation of the "no true Scotsman" fallacy, used to dismiss inconvenient examples. Libertarians cannot explain why there has never been a libertarian society, and find excuses to explain that existing small governments are not "true libertarianism". The real reason is that libertarianism, like communism, is contrary to human nature.
The Road to Serfdom (book, online) (4 links)
(1944) Friedrich von Hayek's comically failed prediction of the coming totalitarian socialist state in western nations.
Why the Worst Get on Top -- in Economics and as CEOs [More...]
"Hayek’s critique of democratic government has proven to be the most monstrous blood libel of the post-World War II era -- falsely declaring that democratic government must end in tyranny and the mass murder of its own people."


Libertarians have been Chicken Littling us about the road to serfdom for at least seventy years. It is about time we stop taking them seriously.
John Jackson, "Frank Chodorov: Scrappy Libertarian, Crappy Oracle"
Libertarianism is the One Weird Trick For Solving Any Issue, Politicians HATE Us! of politics. It reduces many of the most complex problems in the world to a set of answers concise enough that they can fit on the back of a business card (isolationism, tiny government, bare minimal taxation).
Kirkaine, "Libertarians are primarily concerned with feeling correct, not about real world results."