Private Road Associations (PRAs)

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Based on European models. Overlooks the fact that association membership is not voluntary, dues (taxes) are assessed, government provides support, and that such roads handle roughly 4% of traffic per year (the rest being on government-operated roads.) We already have a similar system in the USA: county and town operation of roads through local governance. It obviously isn’t an instance of solving the coordination and freeloading problems without government. Thus it’s useless as an example.


NEW 5/03/2019: Why the U.S. Should Adopt the Nordic Approach to Private Roads [More...]
A puff piece for privatization that ignores the fact that Nordic Private Road Associations are mandatory socialist organizations licensed by government with power to assess dues (taxes) to people adjacent to roads. And if they receive government subsidy (40+% do), they are required to be open to all.


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