Privatization of Power

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What libertarians call liberty is actually privatization of power. Taking power that the state holds and transferring it to individuals. That might sound good until you realize that the state power protects us individuals from each other's power. Privatization of power would result in the wealthiest having the most power and the poorest having none.


Crony Capitalism (8 links)
Capitalist corruption of government for private gain. Sometimes mislabelled Corporatism. Libertarians use this term to describe any government/capitalist relationship they do not like and to excuse bad behavior by capitalists. But all capitalism is fundamentally crony capitalism because government favors owners with systems of property. Corporations, with their special privileges, are an especially clear example. Crony Capitalism is one type of Privatization of Power, and is practiced by the major funders of libertarianism.
Politics (3 links)
Libertarians claim to eliminate politics by retaining only protection of property among government services (if that too is not privatized.) This, too, is another strategy of privatization of power, a way for the largest, richest property owners to make political decisions with their wealth and private security forces, as in feudalism.


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