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Long derided by conservatives and libertarians as programs that are worse than their alternatives, there is strong evidence that public housing is an effective approach to poverty. Cities such as Singapore have long used public housing to promote their economy.


Public Housing Isn't Wasted on the Poor [More...]
"So while many people look at housing projects and see disaster areas, what they’re really just seeing is the negative effects of poverty itself. Both housing projects and the newer voucher system really make it easier for poor people to invest in their kids’ futures. Over time, these programs help the U.S.’s most destitute citizens the boost they need to climb out of their bad situations."
Why America Needs More Social Housing [More...]
"Subsidizing market prices to make housing affordable is a losing strategy. There’s a better way -- on display for a century in Vienna."
Yuppie Fishtanks: YIMBYism explained without "supply and demand" [More...]
Simple supply and demand models which assume one type of good do not work on complex housing problems where there are several types of goods as well as social goals.


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