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Most libertarian books get very harsh reviews from readers who are not true believers.


Atlas Shrugged Is A Ridiculous Book [More...]
"... it is a horrendous book containing cardboard characters, over necessarily long speeches, absurd plot lines and at least 500 pages more than it needs." "It is a combination of all the worst aspects of libertarianism, so much so that I’d imagine most libertarians are embarrassed by it."
Book Review: The Machinery of Freedom [More...]
Scott Alexander reviews the third edition of his friend's book. He points out that some things are very interesting, but has MANY criticisms. "My overall conclusion is that I am delighted by this fascinating and elegant system and would very much like to see it tried somewhere very far away from me."
Capitalism And Freedom (Robert Nielsen review) [More...]
"Before I read the book, I knew I would not agree with it. Even still, I was shocked at how poor an argument Friedman makes and his complete aversion to using evidence to support his claims. His defence of discrimination is disgraceful and unbelievable."
Little Libertarians on the prairie [More...]
Rose Wilder Lane rewrote her mothers memoirs to make libertarian American fables. "Comparing Wilder’s original memoirs to the contents of the published books, it’s possible to see a pattern of strategic omissions and additions."
Oh God, Please Not Libertarianism...
"Two new books by libertarians. Are they bad? Yes." Reviews of David Boaz’s The Libertarian Mind: A Manifesto for Freedom and Charles Cooke’s The Conservatarian Manifesto.
Some Amazon reviews critical of FDR's Folly
Often, the one-star reviews at Amazon identify the ideological bullshit: either the book author's bullshit or the reviewer's. This case is clear: the book author is full of it.
The White Ignorance of Milton Friedman [More...]
Milton Friedman's flawed, ahistorical excuses for libertarian revisionist history about slavery, discrimination, racism and other sins of capitalism. Still repeated endlessly by libertarians today.
The Worst Book I Ever Read [More...]
" It was a horrendously argued book that relied on straw man arguments, ignoring the middle ground, a complete absence of evidence and mainly stating positions without even attempting to defend them. The only praise I have for the book is that it is mercifully short and easy to read."


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