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Robert P. Murphy is another libertarian policy entrepreneur who makes his living selling disinformation and revisionist history. His failed inflation predictions and squirming excuses have made him an object of ridicule among economists.


Hans-Hermann Hoppe's Argumentation Ethic: A Critique [More...]
Robert P. Murphy and Gene Callahan shred Hoppe's argument for self-ownership.
How Noah Smith Should Have Criticised Austrian Economics [More...]
Noah Smith and Robert Murphy had an argument. An expert critical of Austrian Economics identifies 6 major problems he thinks Noah should have attacked instead.
How to Mangle Keynesian Theory [More...]
How the comical Robert Murphy has misrepresented and mangled Keynesian theory in a standard Austrian manner.
Libertarianism and Christianity: A Contradiction in Terms? [More...]
Romans 13.1–7 says government is instituted by God, and thus you should pay your taxes.
Murphy on US and Canadian Unemployment during the 1930s: A Critique [More...]
Robert Murphy's claims that Canada had a much better recovery without government intervention during the Great Depression are based on comparing apples to oranges.


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