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Libertarians (such as John Stossel) are renowned for science denialism. They have a long and bad history of misrepresenting science on tobacco, global warming and other issues.


Anthropology and Scientific Psychology (9 links)
Libertarian philosophy and ideology (and indeed almost all economics) omit basic facts of anthropology, such as the fact that humans naturally engage in gift networks and sometimes barter, but that markets are unnatural to our psychology. They also usually ignore scientific psychology findings in favor of pop psychology. Capitalist exploitation relies on this fact.
Conservative Donors Pump $1 Billion A Year Into Climate Denying Groups, Study Finds [More...]
"Organizations that actively block efforts to address climate change are funded by a large network of conservative donors to the tune of nearly $1 billion a year [...]" Describes new "dark money" techniques for concealing funding sources, especially from the petrochemical industry.
Conspiracy Theories (5 links)
Libertarians frequently attempt to refute common knowledge (and scientific knowledge) with conspiracy theories. This is because such knowledge often conflicts with their ideology, and the cognitive dissonance must be somehow reconciled.
Research (2 links)
Scientific research and statistical information gathering are vastly better performed by government, and underproduced by private actors. These are classic public goods.
Science Denialists (24 links)
Libertarians overlap strongly with science denialists on global warming, vaccines, fluoridation, creationism, HIV, smoking, ozone hole, pollution, quack medicines, etc.
There's no such thing as society… only individuals and families. (4 links)
This famous Margaret Thatcher quote is philosophical twaddle. The same principle then applies to government, corporations, religions, etc. It is based on the unscientific and fallacious claim that individuals are the only valid level of analysis, common to the methodological individualism of Austrian Economics.


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