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Many libertarians are self-taught: now they fall down the rabbit hole of YouTube videos teaching the corpus of libertarian ideology. (It used to be libertarian books, but that's changed.) That way they don't encounter other viewpoints that might let them think critically, and they end up shocked that anybody can believe anything else.

This is an example of "Smart people believe in weird things because they are very good at defending positions they arrived at through non-smart reasons."


Fundamental Libertarian Books (19 links)
A few popular books do the heavy lifting for libertarian ideology: bringing the most recruits, popularizing the ideas and providing critiques of mainstream ideas. They are all severely flawed. These are the way down the rabbit hole to libertarian wonderland. Come, drink the Kool-Aid!
Fraudulent Controversial Books
Part of the propaganda program of libertarianism has been a steady flow of books based on fraudulent claims that take months or years to debunk. Some are directly produced or financed by libertarians, others by academics or conservatives are heavily endorsed by libertarians.
Historical Revisionism (75 links)
The facts of history do not support libertarianism. This spawns an industry supplying libertarians with false history that supports their beliefs.
PragerU relies on a veneer of respectability to obscure its propagandist mission [More...]
"It’s not enough to just say that PragerU isn’t an actual university. It’s outright propaganda, and those appearing on the channel are propagandists. As an institution, PragerU has proved to be toxic, and it should be best understood as -- as its “About Us” page notes -- a “digital marketing campaign.”"


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