Sharing Economy

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A euphemistic term for yet another way of evading regulations and breaking the law while exploiting workers. Network effects tend to make the successful firms monopolistic.


A Glut of Easy Money Is Clogging City Streets [More...]
"Lyft and Uber have artificially reduced the price of a car ride in dense global cities such as New York—and so they have artificially increased the demand for such rides. Over the past decade, the number of registered for-hire cars in New York City, for example, has nearly tripled. Traffic speeds have fallen to record lows."
Neither Uber nor Lyft believe sharing is the future [More...]
They plan to own fleets of self-driving cars.
The sharing economy hype [More...]
Although these companies facilitate the use of underutilized resources, the reality is that this new business model is largely based on evading regulations and breaking the law.
What's Yours Is Mine: Against the Sharing Economy (book)
A comprehensive critique of the hyper-capitalism behind the feel-good marketing of Uber, AirBnB, Instagram, TaskRabbit, and other companies.


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