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Another entrepot with a dictatorship by the Lee family and their party, mandated health and retirement savings, public education, etc. But it has economic freedom, the freedom important to plutocrats and international corporations.


Belle Waring on public health practices in Singapore [More...]
Tickets for mosquito breeding sites, schools closed during outbreaks, mandatory vaccination. "The mosquito police can come in your house anytime and check the water in your flowers!"
Dictatorship and Autocracy in Singapore [More...]
"It is very difficult for people who have never lived in Singapore to imagine and understand the nature of its dictatorship and autocracy."
How a Singaporean Sees Professor Bryan Caplan [More...]
"Furthermore, the splendid irony inherent in suggesting that the only way to improve the country would be to live somewhere else didn’t seem to dampen the muddleheaded Professor’s enthusiasm for Singapore."
How Capitalist Is Singapore Really? [More...]
"Singapore (and Norway, among others) shows that it is quite possible to collectively own the means of production while also using price systems to assist in the allocation of productive factors. This is what market socialists have been saying for a hundred years."
Singapore Is The New Chile [More...]
The Chilean retirement privatization was reversed very quickly, making it more like Social Security. Likewise, supposedly free-market health care in Singapore is becoming more like Obamacare.
Singapore: Tough Love in the Nanny State [More...]
Singapore is the most thorough nanny state in the world. Somehow libertarians seem to overlook this. Probably because they really only care about freedom for corporations and the rich.
Thank you, Singapore [More...]
Singapore's "managed capitalism" centralized planning has resulted in a system with roughly 1/4 the cost of the US "free market" health care system and much better health outcomes.
The 'freest economies in the world' [More...]
"Taken together, the governments of the two territories thus make it easy to believe that the Cato Institute's criteria for economic freedom do not include a category for a country's common citizens and consumers."
The Fine City of Sinagapore [More...]
"Libertarians have something of a warped view of Singapore as some sort of libertarian ideal. Clearly they've never actually been to the place."
The Strange Case of Singapore [More...]
A libertarian visits Singapore and notes a history of national economic strategies, public education, public housing, compulsory saving, nationalization of some industries, compulsory national service, high military expenditure, authoritarian government, censorship and drug war.


Ah, Singapore: a city-state near the very top in the world when it comes to “number of police” and “execution rate” per capita. It’s a charming little one-party state where soft-core pornography is outlawed, labor rights are almost nonexistent and gay sex is banned. Expect a caning if you break a window. And death for a baggie of cocaine. But hey: no capital gains tax! (Freedom!)
Connor Kilpatrick, "It's Hip! It's Cool! It's Libertarianism!"