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This site is a wiki, which means it is indexed by categories. But instead of using category pages to show lists of other pages, I have my own system that lists the page name and a brief description of the page. If that page indexes some links, I tell you how many links so that you can see how big it is.

Wiki Pages

The pages of this wiki all follow conventions using templates to permit their indexing or display indexes. The categories list is at the bottom of the page, and if you click a category the blue links will go to a wiki page with the same name that indexes the category (if the page exists) and the red links will go to the wiki category page. Most of these pages have a list of relevant quotations at the end.

External Pages

One other distinctive and important feature is that the lists of pages include pages that are outside the wiki: when you click on the title, you go directly from the wiki to the outside page. This is implemented by having a wiki page for the external link, and you can go to that wiki page (instead of off site) by clicking on the [More] to the right of the title. That wiki page usually has quotations, sometimes has links, sometimes alternative URLs and has a variety of resources for searching in case link rot has occurred: for example, you can search the Internet Archive with one click.

Book Pages

Book pages are ordinary wiki pages, but have some nice features. They start with a citation in Chicago format, and if they are transcluded that is what appears: convenient for footnotes. They have an Availability section which links to online versions, searches by title and ISBN. Links may be present to reviews and other relevant information. And quotations from or about the book are appended at the end.


Look on the left! I've placed a wide variety of useful links in the sidebar.

  • Search for a page's title in Wikipedia, Google, and Amazon with one click.
  • Translate into your favorite language with one click.
  • The usual navigation features of wikis.
  • A bibliography of books relevant to libertarianism.
  • Links to the blog and my original site.
  • Plenty of information about the site itself.
  • The usual toolbox features of wikis.
  • A bunch of tools for creating the wiki itself: you can ignore these unless you enjoy figuring out how it works.