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This site is open, and is mostly populated and generally functional. You can also visit the original site and its "What's New" blog.


So far I'm a one man show. This is a long-term personal project. At some point in the future, I'll have to create an organization to make this endure.

What Remains To Be Done

Move links from the old site to this wiki.
I have roughly 500 links at the old site that need to be moved to this wiki. That will include finding new, working links when they are broken and copying my own pages into this wiki.
Move quotes from the old site to this wiki.
I have a few hundred quotes to move here. I will also put in links to sources where possible and confirm the authenticity.
Categorize and write descriptions for about 300 book entries.
I have a fairly efficient system for entering books exporting from Delicious Library 3 then transforming the data with a python script into something I can cut and paste into this wiki. But it cannot categorize the books or write descriptions explaining their importance for criticizing libertarianism. I have to do that by hand. I have quite a library now of these books, and may write summaries for a number of them.
Add new links.
There are about 1500 pages right now (2014), and I have several thousand bookmarked links to evaluate and possibly enter.
Review 18,000 lines of notes for things to add.
I have a large, text scrapbook of quotations, ideas, books to investigate and other resources. Tons of juicy nuggets to mine for this site.
I'd like to write my own overviews of many of the categories at this site.
Why should you have to read maybe dozens of links or books to get the gist of how libertarianism is wrong about something?
The site architecture will have to be updated as MediaWiki and its extensions are updated.
I will probably rewrite most of my templates to use Semantic MediaWiki at some time in the near future. I may also change my hosting.
At some point, this may become a book.
For the same reasons so many libertarian books are published. There are other important channels for distributing information than the web.
I hate watching talking head videos myself, but maybe I'll collaborate with somebody to get up some important ones.

This is a huge amount of work to be done. I'm satisfied as long as I'm making continual progress. Advice on where to work next is welcome.


After 16 years and roughly 1/2 million visits to the main page alone, it was time to overhaul the original Critiques Of Libertarianism.

The old site was hand-coded in html using UNIX make and the C preprocessor to automate updates and additions in a portable manner. Originally, it was hosted on an employer's machine, then moved to Software Tool & Die's hosting at

Now this new site is a MediaWiki at my own domain ( hosted by GoDaddy.

Mediawiki and the DPL extensions will allow me the flexibility to easily and rapidly reorganize and expand this site in ways I've wanted for a long time.

I will endeavor to repair the coderot (broken URLs) as I transfer material from the old site to this one. There are more than 500 links and more than 40 indexes at the old site: it will take me some time to set this all up.


At this time, I'm the only one permitted to edit pages. Discussions about these pages will eventually take place in the blog. Communicating with each other by editing the wiki seems rather stupid to me: best to email in that event.


I owe a great deal to many who have contributed ideas and pointed out articles for me. I've lost track of many of them, but I'm going to add to this list as I go from this point forwards.