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SourceWatch profiles the activities of front groups, PR spinners, industry-friendly experts, industry-funded organizations, and think tanks trying to manipulate public opinion on behalf of corporations or government. One of the Center for Media and Democracy projects.


Americans for Prosperity (SourceWatch) [More...]
An excellent, large article explaining the finances and positions of this astroturf organization, part of the Kochtopus.
Koch Universities (SourceWatch) [More...]
"At the 2014 annual meeting of the Koch-led group of mega-donors and politicians in Dana Point, California, known as "Freedom Partners", vice president of the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation Kevin Gentry explicitly stated the link between donations to universities and promoting a political agenda."
Pam Geller (SourceWatch) [More...]
"Pamela Geller (also known as Pamela Oshry) is an anti-Islam blogger, author, and commentator. She is listed as one of America's most dangerous hatemongers."
SourceWatch: Koch Brothers [More...]
The extensive SourceWatch wiki entry on the Koch brothers.


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