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  • ...Our "nation of shopkeepers" was actually a nation of farmers. The means of production were controlled primarily by the workers (who were the owners of the farms ... of justice; to bear his fair share in the common defense, or in any other joint work necessary to the interest of the society of which he enjoys the protec
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  • ; [[Joint Production|Ignoring joint production]]. : The vast majority of economic production is jointly produced. It is only by ignoring this fact that libertarians ca
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  • ...rx rightly emphasised the centrality of labour, and invited us to focus on production, not merely on consumption (as most neo-classical Economics mostly does) bu ...ooks like a marginal revenue function, and you will find that the level of production that looks best, is the point where those two functions cross. For all your
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  • only individuals can own things. Except for corporations, partnerships, joint ownership, marriage, and anything else we except but government. * Any exceptional case of private production proves that government ought not to be involved.
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  • create permanent classes or that undermine the notion that society is a joint system of cooperation aimed at a common end. By the time of writing A Theor ...f self-respect for all) and, on the other hand, positions and power in the production process (which can be distributed unequally without undermining fundamental
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  • ...e the initiation and termination of property rights; exchange does not. In production, the services of land, persons, and capital (to use the classical trinity) But here again there is a problem when production is organized under the employer-employee relationship as opposed to say a f
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  • ...cts, and businesses use hierarchies to coordinate highly complex chains of production and distribution.4 Even so, there are reasons why bureaucracies have few mo ...s, and the results reviewed … show that this is generally the case. This joint dialogic approach is much more efficient than one where each individual on
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  • always ready to pick holes in most socialistic proposals'. (Theories of Production and Distribution, p. 494). Economists no longer have any link with the the ...g to this method of attaining the ideal distribution of the instruments of production between different purposes, there is a similar assumption as to how to atta
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  • Nozick's scheme is patterned because he is redistributing rights production. The baseline problem of lockean justifications by increase in production over
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  • ...overnment, everyone would work at a job assigned to them and deposit their production in a common store. Money and commerce would be abolished. The state would d ...vailable goods with the most scrupulous equality.”8 It would also direct production, determining what was made where and who would perform what jobs. All the a
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  • ...erlies the central case for basic income as a specific way of handling the joint challenge of poverty and unemployment. Compared to guaranteed income scheme ...osal in a book published by a respectable publisher under the title Higher Production by a Bonus on National Output. Many of the arguments that played a central
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  • disturbing for many supporters of basic income. For the joint appeal of equality and freedom, which endeared basic income to them should ...ction to be taken in proportion to the extent to which the consumption and production of each party to the deal contributed and is contributing to the harm to be
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  • Joint Joseph Rowntree Foundation/University of York Annual Lecture 2009 ...’ in 1919. Milner published several pamphlets and a book entitled Higher production by a bonus on national output: A proposal for a minimum income for all vary
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  • ...ting them per- sonally in the billions of dollars annually. From crude oil production on land holdings of Koch Exploration Canada in Alberta’s tar sands territ ...ine, the Kochs could make an additional $100 billion in profits from their production operations alone.
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  • ...employees who are fired for any violation of a workplace policy other than production quotas can be deemed guilty of misconduct and declared ineligible for UI be ...ral policies of the employer as distinguished from deficiencies in meeting production standards or accomplishing job duties.”292
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  • ... group deriving mutual benefits from sharing one or more of the following: production costs, the members’ characteristics, or a good characterized by excludabl ..., respectively. Thus, club principles can be applied to some components of joint products.11
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  • ...l they could deliver their crops in payment. Since credit was essential to production, it could no longer be regarded as a sign of prodigality and sloth. As Adam ...lly of comprehensive state economic planning and ownership of the means of production, the injustice of suppressing private entrepreneurship, and the centrality
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  • [[Category:Joint Production]] 2. Joint Production
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  • ...population, beatings, widespread killing, and frequent mutilation when the production quotas were not met. Missionary John Harris of Baringa, for example, was so ...ban societies. In agrarian societies, most people owned their own means of production – their farms – and “unemployment” wasn’t a salient concept. It w
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  • [[Category:Joint Production]] ...ess he can produce food. Can he? Here again there is no law to prevent the production of food in the abstract; but in every settled country there is a law which
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