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{{Quotations | any category}} <!-- if the argument is omitted, PAGENAME is used -->

This template lists quotations that are in the category argument.

If a page in the category transcludes Template:Quote, the quotation is listed using Template:Quote.dpl. If there is an error (Category:Quotations without use of Template:Quote) then Template:Quote.dpl.default is used.

Template:Quotations should have no side-effects because it performs no actual transclusions: all the information is from metadata.

If there is a DPL error when using this template, it is likely due to a character such as a single quote, pipe, or ampersand. Use a category argument with those characters replaced by period, the pattern to match any character. Other SQL pattern matching problems might be due to ?, $, +, * and other characters with special meanings.

See: Template:Quotes, Template:Quote, Template:GetMyQuotes, Template:Quote.dpl and Template:Quote.dpl.default.