Testimonials By Former Libertarians And Objectivists

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Let's see what we can learn from some of the many who have left libertarianism.

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Confessions of a former Libertarian: My personal, psychological and intellectual epiphany [More...]
"The discomfort I felt with libertarianism was the discomfort of my ideas not aligning with my experiences. My thoughts and feelings were at odds. The feeling nagging me was that I couldn’t reconcile my humanity with my ideology any more than my friend could for me."
Confessions of a recovering Libertarian: How I escaped a world of Ron Paul hero worship [More...]
"Knee-jerk anti-government sentiment is not a viable political philosophy. It doesn’t work in theory, and is a disaster in practice, but it’s what libertarians have allowed their movement to become. The traditions of questioning authority and thinking rationally don’t apply when it comes to their own authority figures and policy prescriptions."
Confessions of an ex-libertarian [More...]
When Koen Deconinck's extended study of Austrian Economics found it was unconvincing, doubts about the rest of libertarianism rapidly followed.
I used to be a libertarian. I'm sorry. [More...]
"We would have these epic political discussions and unlike others who simply backed away slowly, he would counter my points. He would ask me to go into a better defense of them. Stock answers didn’t work anymore. Appeals to freedom and liberty didn’t seem so effective. All of the things I believed in so strongly didn’t seem so strong anymore, and over time I realized that I had been craftily duped. "
I Was A Teenage Randroid [More...]
"Looking back, I try not to beat myself up about my four lost years as a Randroid[...] Despite the fact that everyday reality contradicts the tenets of Objectivism, Randroids hold Rand’s teachings as the supreme distillation of that reality. Cult leaders couldn’t hope for better."
Left-Libertarianism Is Bunk Because It’s Still Libertarianism [More...]
"My thought process lead me to reject libertarianism in general as an ideology, and in the aftermath of that I have come to see left-libertarianism as carrying the fundamental problematic aspects of libertarianism along with it for the most part: obsession with opposition to the state, the adoption of capitalist ideology of the market, reliance on overly simplistic and sociologically neutralized analysis, and so on."
Libertarian Mugged by Reality [More...]
Alex Beinstein, a U. of Chicago student, gets a job and loses his libertarianism.
The road from libertarianism [More...]
How philosopher Edward Feser abandoned libertarianism because of the problems with self-ownership.
Why I fled libertarianism -- and became a liberal [More...]
"I don’t think regular Americans have any idea just how crazy libertarians can be."
Why I left libertarianism: An ethical critique of a limited ideology [More...]
"To those of you who consider yourselves libertarians, I say this: You don’t have to reject your current beliefs. But you must expand them. Libertarianism’s narrow views do a disservice to yourself and to the world."


Many of us hold onto beliefs simply because we lack contrary information, and then when it is given, we hold on because we don’t want to admit we were wrong about something. I think, though, that this is one of the biggest reasons we don’t change: We don’t want to explain why to friends or family who were ideologically similar. It’s tough to change directions, and let’s face it, when we do change we’re not often equipped to defend these new ideals against a barrage of criticism coming from our former ideological cohorts.
Matti Frost, "I used to be a libertarian. I'm sorry."
Libertarians think they own the word “freedom,” but it’s a word that often obfuscates more than enlightens. If you believe the Johann Wolfgang von Goethe quote “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free,” then libertarians live in a prison of their own ideology.
Edwin Lyngar, "Why I fled libertarianism -- and became a liberal"