The Machinery of Freedom: Guide to a Radical Capitalism

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Friedman, David D.. 2015. The Machinery of Freedom: Guide to a Radical Capitalism. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.


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The foremost anarcho-capitalist introduction. If you suspend all knowledge of the real world, it appears to make sense. Very well written and very clever. But it has not aged well since it was written in 1973, and later editions make no attempt to update it.


Book Review: The Machinery of Freedom [More...]
Scott Alexander reviews the third edition of his friend's book. He points out that some things are very interesting, but has MANY criticisms. "My overall conclusion is that I am delighted by this fascinating and elegant system and would very much like to see it tried somewhere very far away from me."
The Worst Book I Ever Read [More...]
" It was a horrendously argued book that relied on straw man arguments, ignoring the middle ground, a complete absence of evidence and mainly stating positions without even attempting to defend them. The only praise I have for the book is that it is mercifully short and easy to read."


There is a wearying familiarity to The Libertarian Mind; Hayek wrote all of this in The Constitution of Liberty, then Rothbard wrote it again in The Ethics of Liberty, then David Friedman in The Machinery of Freedom. Read one sentence of one libertarian book and you’ve read every sentence of every libertarian book... libertarianism ranges from people who support small governments and free market capitalism to… people who support small governments and free market capitalism.
Nathan Robinson, "Oh God, Please Not Libertarianism..."