The Mining, Fossil Fuels, and Petrochemical Industries

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Mighty industries whose bought legislators have showered them with enormously profitable tax favors and sheltered them from environmental regulations. Much of the Koch wealth comes from these industries, which is why libertarian propaganda promotes fossil fuels and denigrates global warming, regulation, environmentalism, and renewables.


The Asbestos Industry (1 link)
The asbestos industry suppressed information about the hazards of asbestos for decades, and has subsequently been facing enormous lawsuits over many thousands of deaths. All the while fighting regulation worldwide.
The Lead Industry (8 links)
The lead industry obstructed government regulation of lead in paint, water pipes and gasoline for more than 50 years after it was discovered to cause retardation. This resulted in millions of children poisoned by lead, a process that is still continuing because of ubiquitous lead paint in older houses. Major government efforts worldwide have greatly reduced the problem.
A Plan To Nationalize Fossil Fuel Companies [More...]
"Climate change cries out for ambitious solutions... a publicly controlled energy transition whose profits finance a secure, collectively-owned clean energy industry will do more good for America, and the world, than any spending on F-35s or foreign interventions.]]
Coal-backed studies evoke controversy [More...]
Of course the coal industry also has a public relations strategy to dismiss concerns about the environmental impact of coal. They are busily funding their own "scientific studies."
Patterson and Kehoe, and the great lead debate [More...]
How Robert Kehoe developed the strategy that the lead industry used to avoid regulation and liability over the course of decades of poisoning of millions. A strategy replicated for tobacco, innumerable other pollutants, and global warming denialism.
Phosphorus and Freedom: The Libertarian Fantasy [More...]
Is libertarian economics at all realistic? The answer is no. And the reason can be summed up in one word: phosphorus.
The 'Libertarian' Maker-Hero Charles Koch Formed His Own Group To Protect Oil Industry's Government Handouts [More...]
The Institute for Energy Research/American Energy Alliance, founded and funded by Charles Koch, has fought to protect special tax breaks that benefit fossil fuel producers.
The Secret History of Lead [More...]
"There is at least one simple lesson to be drawn from the tetraethyl lead story. Industry cannot be trusted to regulate itself, as Clair Patterson -- the man who dated the earth and single-handedly deflated ethylized science -- once remarked."
Zombie ideas and zombie industries [More...]
"As I noted, the Fund put U.S. fossil fuel subsidies at more than $600 billion, or more than $3 million for each worker in the industry... But it does look as if much — if not most — of the fossil fuel sector survives only because it receives outrageously large subsidies." [This might explain the success of Charles and David Koch.]


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