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A black neoliberal propagandist with The Hoover Institution for the past 40 years. While he does have a legitimate PhD from U. of Chicago, he has not written any peer-reviewed research articles in those 40 years. Instead, he churns out Economics 101 propaganda opposing liberal policies.


Kirkus Review -- Basic Economics: A Citizen’s Guide to the Economy [More...]
"Sowell’s economics in a social vacuum is as meaningful as color in the absence of light."
Knowledge And Decisions (book)
One of Thomas Sowell's best ideas is one conservatives/libertarians never use. And neither does he. [More...]
Sowell and most other libertarians and economic conservatives are guilty of not considering second and third stage consequences of their preferred policies. (Or at least not publicly considering them since they might not be popular.)
Review of Thomas Sowell, Basic Economics: A Common Sense Guide to the Economy [More...]
"Sowell's presentation is severely unbalanced in thepresentation of basic economic issues... Sowell treats market vs. state as a competition in which the market is almost always "good" and the state intervention almost always a disaster. By contrast, modern economic theory presents economic development as the joint growth and inextricable interaction of both state and market."
Say What, Murray? [More...]
Murray Rothbard claims Say crushed opponents of Say's Law, but didn't mention that Say recanted later on.
Thomas Sowell: Idiot Emeritus [More...]
"Godwin’s Law states that the longer an online discussion goes, the greater the chance of a Nazi reference. No matter what the forum, unless the subject is the Nazis or genocide, anyone making such a comparison automatically loses the argument. Period. By this standard alone, syndicated Conservative columnist Thomas Sowell is the Biggest Loser.


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