Victimless Crimes

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[Or crimes without victims.] If this term was explained honestly, it would be "crimes where we choose not to count the perpetrator as a victim and conveniently ignore distributed or indirect harms to family, friends, and other people through the environment, social relationships, and institutions."


Defenders Of The Unsavory (14 links)
Prostitution, blackmail, environmental crime, child labor, racism, tobacco, gambling, black markets, quacks, corruption of many sorts: defenders of these practices often find libertarian allies.
Walter Block (7 links)
A contrarian who takes the notion that "liberty" should be the primary concern to horrible extremes: he promotes almost every social ill as an exercise in liberty. Child prostitution, etc. you name it. Single value analysis: property is everything with the non-aggression axiom. He also likes to cherry-pick gut feeling intuitions that support his ideology. Criticizes other libertarians for not being pure enough.


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