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Conversion of public resources to private property is called enclosure, and that's what is happening to fresh water today around the world. Water resources and water systems are natural monopolies, and their privatization is another step towards corporate ownership and dominance.


Bottlemania: How Water Went on Sale and Why We Bought It (book)
The rise of bottled water, which often costs more than gasoline, undermines investment in public water supplies and poses huge burdens on the poor. It also creates huge waste problems with empty bottles and enormous pollution from manufacturing and transportation.
Troubled Waters: Misleading industry PR and the case for public water [More...]
"Globally, public water systems have a comparative advantage over private water systems when it comes to fulfilling cities’ mandates to ensure equitable access to water, improve public health, and benefit the local environment."
Water in the UK -- public versus private [More...]
UK private water companies appear to be run in the interests of shareholders and not customers. Prices have gone up along with ridiculous profits. "We have two alternative examples of healthier ways to run water companies within the UK. The non-profit organisation set up in Wales, or better yet, a return to full public ownership. The case of Scottish Water shows that this would be the best outcome for English customers."
Water Privatization: Facts and Figures [More...]
Privatizing local water and sewer systems usually does far more harm than good for our communities. "Although the public and private sectors work well together in many areas, businesses should not operate, manage or own public drinking water or wastewater systems. Those duties should fall under the purview of local governments, who have a responsibility to ensure safe and affordable service for all."


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