Why Libertarianism Will Never Succeed

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Libertarianism is doomed to failure (as a philosophy) for many obvious reasons. As a ploy of plutocrats, it may be successful in making the US more plutocratic, but not more libertarian.

Check the DF chapter on the hard problems from TMOF.


Government Is An Insurance Company With An Army

The vast bulk of Federal spending goes to the big five: Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, defense, and interest on the debt. The vast bulk of state and local spending goes to Education, Infrastructure, Police + Fire Department, Insurance, Retirement, etc. The vast majority of these are wanted by large majorities of the public, and very little of them can be supplied by markets without leaving large swathes of the public unsatisfied. While it may be possible to have a government without many of these things, it could only be done by disenfranchising much of the populace. First world nations are easily identified by having these sorts of government programs. They are so extraordinarily popular that both times its government was thoroughly dismantled, Germany recreated its social programs as soon as popular government was reinstituted.

Few People Have Libertarian Preferences

With highly biased surveys, various libertarians have claimed as many as 10% in the US are libertarians. The actual number, with more realistic measures, is closer to 1%. This is because libertarianism is based on valuing "liberty" above all else. Most people are more realistic and essentially value practical living above freedom to starve.

Libertarian Ideas Of Morality Are Repulsive To Women And Minorities

Libertarians condone private discrimination against women, gays, blacks, native Americans, Asians, Jews, Muslims, the elderly, the poor, other political beliefs, etc. It means nothing that they decry government discrimination because they want to privatize everything so that you can be discriminated against everywhere. That's why so many of those groups are underrepresented among libertarians. Look at the list of about 800 contributors to Reason.com. Only 94 (12%) have easily recognizable female names.

History Shows Many Libertarian Failures

"That the sole and only legitimate end of goverment is to protect the citizen in the enjoyment of life, liberty, and property, and when the goverment assumes other functions it is usurpation and oppression."

-- Declaration of Rights, Art. I, Sec. 35, Constitution of Alabama Of 1901.

That's the most libertarian government in the US: look how Alabama has outcompeted all the other states! If that's not good enough, there is always Somalia as libertarian poster-child government.