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{{List | any category}} <!-- if the argument is omitted, PAGENAME is used -->

This template lists all the pages in a category, using DPL to display their titles and descriptions as definition lists. The titles are linked either within the wiki or to external URLs. The entries are sorted using the sortkey of the category.

If a page in the category transcludes Template:URL, the title is linked to the URL using Template:URL.dpl. If there is no URL information , the title is linked within the wiki using Template:URL.dpl.default.

If the description of a page in the category is set by transcluding Template:DES, the description is displayed by Template:DES.dpl. Otherwise the description comes from Template:DES.dpl.default.

Template:List has one side effect: it places the including page into Category:Lists A Category.

If there is a DPL error when using this template, it is likely due to a character such as a single quote, pipe, or ampersand. Use a category argument with those characters replaced by period, the pattern to match any character. Other SQL pattern matching problems might be due to ?, $, +, * and other characters with special meanings.

Template:List should have no other side-effects because it performs no actual transclusions: all the information is from metadata.

See: Template:URL, Template:URL.dpl, Template:URL.dpl.default, Template:DES, Template:DES.dpl, Template:DES.dpl.default, and Template:Category Age.